Regeneration problems. Reconciling human settlement with the planet


  • Ugo Rossi Architectural Faculty of Politecnico di Milano, Italy



Sustainability, Regeneration, Urban Renewal, Anthropocene, Gentrification, Constantinos Doxiadis, Jane Jacobs, Ernst Schumacher


The human activities of the last two hundred years have upset the natural balance of the planet, to the point that the Anthropocene has defined the current geological era in which the Earth’s environment has been so conditioned by human action that its effects are comparable to those produced by the geophysical forces that shaped the Earth over millions of years ago.
Such a scenario led to the current disorientation towards any intervention to implement the planetary utopia of a culturally, socially and economically developed world in integrated communities. The depletion of resources and the upheaval of the natural balance are the conditions and challenges with which humanity and architects must measure themselves, making an enormous effort to preserve the utopian qualities of the planet. These qualities can be pursued today through two main strategies: escaping from the Ecumene, retiring into a sort of hermitage, or aiming for its regeneration.


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Rossi, U. (2023). Regeneration problems. Reconciling human settlement with the planet. Proceedings of the International Conference of Contemporary Affairs in Architecture and Urbanism-ICCAUA, 6(1), 641–651.