Investigating AI Applications in Construction Industry: A Systematic Review


  • Tayibe Seyman-Güray Fenerbahce University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Istanbul, Turkey



Artificial Intelligence; AI; Bibliometric Analysis; Construction Industry; Scientometric Analysis.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become popular in all industries recently and provides numerous opportunities by simulating human intelligence processes. As a mainstream technology of an inevitable digital transformation in Industry 4.0, AI applications are hot research topics to deal with the different problems of several industries. The construction industry is no exception, but its main characteristic is resistant to new technologies and innovations. However, the construction industry has several challenges such as being a highly competitive arena, abundant participants, high financial risk, long-term periods of projects, and uniqueness of projects. Therefore, its productivity and performance growth level show relatively a poor increasing trend. This study aims to examine the contributions of AI to handling these challenges by performing both bibliometric and scientometric analysis using the PRISMA protocol. In this regard, this study presents the current state of adapting AI in the construction industry and its future directions.


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Seyman-Güray, T. (2023). Investigating AI Applications in Construction Industry: A Systematic Review. Proceedings of the International Conference of Contemporary Affairs in Architecture and Urbanism-ICCAUA, 6(1), 1168–1178.